Gosia Zawojek


Hepling you help others

Gosia Zawojek


Helping you help others

My Approach

I’ve always had a strong desire to support others in their journey to personal fulfillment and help them succeed. I’m a natural cheerleader and nothing makes me more excited than to be able to witness someone else’s growth and see how ideas come to life. Even more, if it’s about improving other people’s lives!

My design process is deeply rooted in curiosity and appreciation for everyone’s uniqueness and desire to help you connect with your people. I’m simply fascinated by the talents and skills that make you – you, and I’m on a mission to build a website for your business that feels like your online home.

My clients have called me “a brand whisperer”, “a website angel”, “a content curator”. Finally, what one of my latest clients said about my work was: “it is more than a website design and more an intuitive expression of the brand through design”.

Designing website for coaches in WordPress

My Mission

I started Blossom Digital Studio to help coaches and teachers build a strong digital presence, connect with their desired audience, and book more clients. The websites are equipped with tools and features that help you automate your day-to-day business operations and fully support your needs as a coach.

At Blossom Digital Studio I bring together expertise that I gained over 10 years of working in the digital marketing industry for the biggest global brands along with a deep passion for psychology and personal development.

I’m captivated by coaches, teachers, and motivational speakers and their unique way of making a living and impacting other people’s life.

On a private note

Gosia Zawojek

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