Designing websites for coaches


Wondering why your website doesn’t bring you enough clients?

I will help you fix this!

Designing websites for coaches


Wondering why your website doesn’t bring you enough clients?

I will help you fix this!

Does it sound like you?

You’ve worked so hard to build your website, got positive feedback from everyone, and… you’re not getting as many clients as you were hoping for. You’re heartbroken and confused.

You’re going down the website perfectioning rabbit hole – endlessly tweaking colors, changing fonts and watching tutorials… But none of these bring results! You start feeling tired and disheartened, as you’re doing less and less of what you really love, and more and more of the website stuff. Your confidence is getting lower. At some point you may even start questioning “Is my offering any good?”. Or even “Am I… any good?”.

You feel uncomfortable to admit that you’ve started creeping on your competitors’ websites. Which annoys you, as you believe in authenticity in business. But you just don’t know, what else to try…

All those nerdy questions make your head spin:

And you go even deeper...

You’ve started your coaching business to help your clients thrive and my goal is to help you stay focused on just that. 

Gosia Zawojek - website designer for coaches

Hi! My name is Gosia Zawojek

I design and build websites for coaches, therapists, and educators, so they can focus on their calling to help others thrive, and rest easy knowing their website is designed to generate new clients.

At Blossom Digital Studio I bring together expertise that I gained over 10 years of working in the online marketing industry for the biggest global brands along with a deep passion for psychology and personal development.

I often come across online coaches who don’t use the full potential of their websites and leave their prospects unaware of the value and results they provide. What breaks my heart, even more, is when I see sites that confuse their visitors and scare them away. 

Your website should be a great tool, that supports your business to the fullest. Let’s work together to make it happen!

Website audit is perfect for you if:

This might not be the best option for you if…

How it works?

01. Book your audit

Fill in a short survey so I’ll get to know your business. I’ll get back to you via email and ask you to:

1. Choose the convenient time
2. Make the payment
3. Wait for a confirmation email with zoom details. 

02. Focus on things you love...

… while I’ll be doing my homework and putting together your audit results. Here are the areas I will be looking at:

1. Homepage
2. Branding
3. Copy
4. Customer journey
5. Mobile responsiveness
6. Basic SEO

03. Show up for your call

I’ll walk you through your audit results so that you know exactly what I reviewed and what I found. I’ll also share simple website updates that will help you get more success with your business.

You’ll get both – the zoom recording and the audit document after our session.

04. Improve your website

You can make the recommended updates yourself using the detailed audit results.

You can also choose one of my design packages. 

Would you rather have a totally new website built from scratch? BONUS!

Your investment works like a credit towards a website upgrade cost.

So if you decide to work together on a new website, you’ll get the audit investment back!

What My Clients Say?

Tijana Buric Career Alchemist

“A big thing for me was how Gosia easily recognized my pitfalls of not defining my niche clearly and not expressing my authenticity on my website as I do on Instagram. The outcome I loved is a new direction on how I can present my services on a page (…). That made me feel at peace how I can present my services in my own way.”

Tijana Buric


Absolutely. With my website audits, I can help you make sure that your website supports your business goals, regardless of the platform.

I’d love to. At the end of our call, we can discuss our options for continuing to work together.

Super exciting! In this case, I’ll count your website audit payment as a credit towards this new project.

This means you get a discount of 300 USD on your new website.

You can reschedule up to 24 hours before our call. 

All bookings are non-refundable.

I’d love to make sure you get info you’re looking for. Please shoot me an email with all your queries and I’ll let you know if the audit is the right fit for you. 

Great! Send me an email here.


Book Your Audit

Only a couple of spots open each month
$ 300
  • Audit document listing all the recommended changes and explaining impact
  • 1:1 Zoom session with a lot of opportunities for questions and brainstorming (you'll get the recorded version, too!)
  • Investment works as credit for a webiste redesign project. So if you decide, that you'd like to work together on the new website - you get your money back!