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Gosia Zawojek - Founder of Blossom Digital Studio

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I’m Gosia Zawojek, founder of Blossom Digital Studio.

I serve coaches, consultants, and educators and help them impact more people online.


You're not sure what will work best for your business?

So, I guess you’re ready to start your coaching business and the last thing on your to-do list is… a website. There is a problem though. All those platforms, templates and website builders offering ready-made solutions seem extremely limited, impossible to customize and it’s hard for you to decide which one to choose. After all you have so many ideas and you really need something flexible!

On the other hand, you hate wasting your precious energy on figuring out tech. You would gladly pay someone to do it for you. However, you don’t want to deal with all those “experts” who use fancy digital marketing jargon, hand you shockingly high cost quotes and leave you confused and overwhelmed. You would hate to end up with an overpriced solution, that you will not understand, and, even worse, don’t even need. And on top of that, any potential changes will require involvement of the same sleazy company that you’ve unknowingly married to! Until you will decide to get a new website. Again.

“When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.” – Brené Brown

website for coaches

What a perfect coaching website should be like?

Your coaching website should be a powerful tool that builds your credibility, helps you sell, and give you freedom and insights to come up with new ideas, pivot, or even start everything from scratch. The right website should be just like your business – offer a premium experience, work seamlessly, and be adaptable to change and challenges ahead.

Premium, easy to update coaching websites

Helping You Sell


Pages Designed to Convert Your Prospects Into Customers

lead magnet

Build-in Lead Magnet Helping You Grow Your Email List

email marketing

Integrated Email Marketing Software

calendar booking

Offering Your Customers an Easy Way to Book a Call

payment solution

Integrated Payment Solution

seo friendly

SEO Plugin Installed That Enables You to Edit Your Results in Google

Helping You Build Credibility


Elegant and Modern Design 

mobile optimized

Scales Nicely on Tablets and Mobile Devices


Cookie Notice Bar & Privacy Policy

Providing Agility and Insights to Grow Your Business

easy to update

Easy to Update – Even for Non-Techies!


Highly Customizable and Code-Free


Google Analytics and Google Search Console Enabled for Data-Driven Decisions


What my clients say


Relax, hand-holding included​

“Ok, but will I be able to update or edit it on my own?” – you may think. We know that website work can seem challenging. We got you! After your site is live, you’ll receive: 

So if you change your mind about certain pictures, copy, or even layout, you will be able to change it seamlessly and fast! 


Website is an investment that's worth making

You may be thinking – “Do I really need a website though?”. Well, some coaches rely on their social media presence only. However, in a long run, you don’t know how much time social platforms will hang around (TikTok shutting down?) or if their algorithms will change (Facebook, Instagram etc.).

Focusing on the tools you own (website and email marketing) will help you stay afloat regardless of the dynamic changes of social media landscape. It will also make you look legit and professional, as checking someone’s website is usually first thing we do, before deciding to do business.




$ 2000 starting price
  • Website strategy and design
  • Calendar booking tool integration
  • Email marketing program integration (freebie/lead magnet)
  • FREE BONUS! Custom website manual & live zoom training

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